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The teachers here are people-oriented and nurture children from their heart. They relentlessly explain and educate my children. I observed improvement in my children’s grades, and most importantly, my children have shown keen interest in studying after attending classes here.

Faylinn (Clementi Primary School) and Cherrie’s (New Town Primary School) Mother, Fanny

Despite having to attend extra classes out of school curriculum, I can always hear childrens’ laughter and giggles outside the classroom. My son used to detest Chinese language but after attending lessons here, his interest was ignited and now he looks forward to attending Chinese class every Sunday!

Lennon’s (Hong Wen Primary School) Mother, Cindy

My daughter used to be very weak in English. After attending English lessons here, she improved tremendously and her learning curve was flattened. The teaching materials are marvellous!

Zhu Si Jia’s (Clementi Town Secondary School ) Mother, Mrs Zhu

…the class is small, the tutors have ample time to cater to individual needs. I am heartened to know that my child is in good hands and am confident that he will be able to excel academically and beyond!

Nahshon’s (Nanhua Primary School) Mother, Li Li

The teachers here do not just teach concepts; they reinforce it by giving my son real-life examples which he can relate to. My child’s grades have consistently improved. This is the best tuition centre so far!

Ming Jun’s (Kent Ridge Secondary School) Mother, Mrs Chua

“The dedication, guidance and the generosity of the teachers here have helped my child in his Secondary 2 Mathematics and Science grades. I am truly impressed that the teachers here have exceeded my expectations. We are really blessed to have found ourselves the “Gem Tuition Centre” in Clementi!

Ong Chi Rayce (Nan Hua Primary School) & Ong Chi Hanns’ (Bukit Batok Secondary School) Mother, Shirley

The teachers are professional, caring and have genuine concern over their students’ progress. Their teaching material is well-structured and engaging. I love how the kids are motivated to become independent thinkers and given the aid to reach their highest potential!

Reagan & Megan’s (Henry Park Primary School ) Mother, Jeane

Within a short period of 2 months, my daughter has improved greatly in her Mathematics and she is now making much fewer careless mistakes. Additionally, Ms Zeng helped my children to regain confidence in their Mandarin oral and writing abilities. I am impressed!

Kaitlyn & Callum Tan’s (Nan Hua Primary School) Mother, Audrey

 … learning is so much fun as mind-maps and experiments are used and conducted to understand Science concepts. Because of this, my daughter has enjoyed Science so much since!

Yeo Yee Xuan’s (CHIJ (Toa Payoh) Primary School) Mother, Kris Chan

 My son has been learning here since the second half of Primary 5 and he will be in Secondary 4 in year 2017. His results have been quite consistent (above 80 marks), specially for Mathematics! 

Glendon Lim’s (Fuhua Secondary School) Mother, Gena Yeo


I scored 260 points for my PSLE and entered National Junior College. I am grateful to the teachers in this tuition centre as they always refresh the concepts and provide comprehensive revision notes before examination. My math and science grades have consistently been ‘A’. I enjoy learning at Kim & You and have been with them for three and a half years.

Dong Ke Wen, Secondary 4 (IP), 2017 National Junior College

Ke Wen 
The teachers here are very thoughtful, they understand me and help me overcome my weaknesses. Whenever I face a problem, they always motivate and guide me. I love studying here as it is like my second home.

Glendon Lim Jun Li, Secondary 4 N(A), 2017 Fuhua Secondary School

The teachers here are all cheerful and understanding. Previously I was worried for my science as it was my weakest subject. With the help of the teachers and the friends I made during the camp here, I am more confident in studying and acing science. So far, I have managed to digest as much information as taught by them!

Dorothy Teo Jie Zi, Secondary 3 (E), 2017 Kent Ridge Secondary School

This tuition centre is a good choice as the teachers make lessons more fun by letting me watch videos about theories for Science and by teaching tricks and tips for Math. My grades for English, Mathematics and Science have improved to A, B, A respectively!

Chua Ming Jun, Secondary 2 (E), 2017 Kent Ridge Secondary School

The teaching style is special and different from other tuition centres that I have attended. The teachers can explain and help me understand my subjects using fun activities!

Ong Jin Han, Secondary 2 N(A), 2017 Kent Ridge Secondary School

I used to detest math and science. My teacher made an effort to understand why and after 4 months of tuition, both my grades improved from ‘U’ to ‘A’ and ‘B’. Yay!

Brandon Ong, Secondary 1, 2017 Jurong West Primary School

enjoy learning here because the teachers never fail to make the boring content come alive!

Yeo Yee Xuan, Primary 5, 2017 CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)

 Yee Xuan 
I love Kim & You Tuition Centre! The teachers teach me alot of things. I love the experiments here very much!

Candy Kong Mei Yun, Primary 5, 2017 Clementi Primary School

The teachers here are the best teachers in the world! They are very patient and their lessons are very fun. I always look forward to my next lesson at Kim & You Tuition Centre!

Sabrina Lim Ying Fei, Secondary 3 N(A), 2017 New Town Secondary School

The teachers here are the best teacher because they never let me down in my work. They help me in everything which I don’t know how to do.
Aden Lim Jin Xuan, Primary 5, 2017 Clementi Primary School
This tuition centre has teachers that try to expand my Chinese vocabulary by feeding me with new words every lesson. The teaching methods are unique and I am more confident to strive better results and set a higher standard now!

Justin Tan Wei Jian, Secondary 4 (E), 2016 New Town Secondary School